Friday, June 5, 2009

Expletitives from a Florida Foreclosure Attorney

Pinellas County had a story this weekend in St Petersburg, Florida and it had to do with a foreclosure defense strategy implemented by an ex-realtor. The realtor said that there was a short sale in process and the borrower had made all of the apyments on time. I asked the real estate agent why a short sale in Pinellas County Florida or St Petersburg for that matter had anything to do with Pinellas County foreclosure dfense attorneys and he was dumbfounded. Then out of nowhere, a real estate attorney with a successful foreclosure defense strategy emerged and shouted: “Florida short sale and avoing foreclosure with the recoupment and uniform commercial code provisions of the Florida Supreme Court!”.

We had the same reaction that you did in reading this and namely it was to be dumbfounded that the Florida realtor did not have a license to issue foreclosure defense attorney opinions. We decided to avoid foreclosure in St Petersburg and Pinellas County Florida anyway. The defense pleadings were required to be submitted to the Pinellas Clerk of Court timely to avoid default judgment. Some people spell judgment with an ‘e’ as judgement. Actually that is two e’s but I’m sure you haven’t read this far anyhow.

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