Saturday, August 30, 2008

Short Sales Approved in Advance

This is an interesting phenomenon in short sales of real estate in Florida. Florida short sales are preapproved in advance. The short sale of real estate is advanced approval and can close quickly.

The quick close is helpful to the seller of reale state that is a short sale. The short sales are not normally short and they are not normally quick, however the preapproval of a short sale allows both. This is taking place in Florida real estate and helps selelrs to avoid foreclosure.

Foreclosure is not helpful of people in Florida. When someone has a florida foreclosure financing is difficult at that point. You may have to find the short sale preapproval in florida prior to the florida foreclosure. I am still checking into this and have provided some links to relevant articles on short sales of real estate in Florida that are preapproved. Clay County Florida short sales and their respective financing are also discussed in more detail.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Where can you find FHA 4155 in PDF form?

I just found the answer to that from a direct endorsement underwriter's perspective. As an fha loan officer you should have the fha handbook memorized for fha rules and fha lending. Maybe someone can decipher for the FHA direct endorsement underwriter what the fha rules are so that they are not arbitrary.

Yoru FHA rules in PDF form are helpful to all borrrowers in or outside of florida mortgage lending. This is a message for fha rulemaking and it is not from the fha directly although the fha 4155.1 is written by HUD, this blog is not owned by the FHA. You probably knew that already.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Listing Deficiecny Judgment Websites

Here is the best list of deficiecny judgment websites that I could come up with. Let me know your thoughts and feel free to post a comment on any deficiency judgment issues having to do with judicial foreclosure in Florida.

Thanks for checking out the list of deficiecny judgment website and stay tuned and be sure ot check back for more updates on the florida foreclosure refence site. You may post a comment and add a website to our list and please check back frequently for further updates on thi smost imprtant subject. Have a great day!